Aunt Muriel

Muriel is a great-aunt of the Weasley children. According to Ron, she is rude to just about everyone she meets. Harry first meets her in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows during Bill and Fleur's wedding. She is described as having bloodshot eyes and a large, feathery pink hat, making her look like a "badly tempered flamingo". She lends her beautiful goblin-made tiara to Fleur for the wedding. During the wedding, she starts an argument with Elphias Doge about Dumbledore's past and Rita Skeeter's The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. Muriel provides her house in The Deathly Hallows to act as a place The Order of the Phoenix members can take Harry when they remove him from the safety of the Dursleys'. Later in the book, most of the Weasleys and several others hide in her house because they are targeted as blood traitors or Mudbloods.

Matyelok Gibbs appears as Muriel in Part 1 of the film adaptation of Deathly Hallows, but during the film she is never identified

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