An Animagus is a witch or wizard with the ability to Transfigure themselves into a specific animal or magical creature at will and can take no other form. The animal itself varies from person to person, becoming one's "inner beast", and no two Animagus appearances are completely alike (i.e. objects such as glasses appear on the animal as markings). The animal forms can not be chosen but are as unique as the witch or wizard based on personality and habbits. In animal form the witch or wizard is unable to speak or perform magic and their senses are also changed to match that of the animal.

All Animagus, by order of the Ministry of Magic, are to register themselves. Unregistered Animagus will be branded illegal and will be fined. However, there have been cases where some witches and wizards manage to hide the fact they are Animagus without notice (Rita Skeeter, James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew are so far the only named unregisted Animagus). All physical traits on a registered Animagus are recorded by the Ministy to identify them.

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