Salazar Slytherin was the founder of Slytherin in the medieval times he was a parselmouth which means he could talk to snakes. He did not trust muggle-borns which didn't sit well with the other founders so he went away and never went back somewhere around the castle their is still a portrait
Salazar Slytherin

this is a picture of Salazar Slytherin the founder of Slytherin


Slytherin Crest


|Salazar Slytherin

|Blood Status |Pure-Blood

|Gender |Male

|Species |Human

|Hair Colour |Grey

|Eye Colour |Grey

|Skin Colour |Light

|House |Slytherin

|Family Members |

Marvolo Gaunt

Morfin Gaunt
Merope Gaunt
Tom Marvolo Riddle

|Title |Founder

|Loyalty |

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Slytherin Family

After founding Hogwarts and co-existing for years, a rift eventually began to grow between Slytherin and the other founders. Slytherin despised taking students from Muggle families, seeing them as untrustworthy, and tried to persuade the other founders to only take students from pure-blood families. However, the other founders didn't agree with Slytherin, particularly Gryffindor. Eventually, Slytherin and Gryffindor had a huge argument over the subject, and the end result was that Slytherin chose to leave the school . It is unknown when he died.

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