Molly Weasley was the mother of the seven Weasley children: Bill, Charlie, Fred and George, Percy, Ron, and Ginny. She was also the wife of Arthur Weasley. Molly was described as a plump, kind woman who always treated Harry as her own. She was very protective of her family, and at first didn't approve of her twin sons dropping out of Hogwarts and starting their own joke shop. Everybody had a soft spot for Molly, who had an automatic kind nature to everyone. For her large size, she was often made fun of by Draco Malfoy. This provoked the Weasley boys, much to Molly's disappointment.

Personality Edit

During the battle of Hogwarts, Molly's son, Fred, was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix attempted to murder Ginny Weasley, too, but Molly stepped in and succeeded in finally killing the witch.

Molly Weasley