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Ronald Weasley

Ronald Bilius Weasley is a son of Molly and Arthur Weasley. He was born on 1.3.1980 as the youngest son of the Weasleys. He had five older brothers and one younger sister. His family lived in "The Burrow".

He started Hogwarts in 1991. He was best friend of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. They found the Philosopher’s Stone together in the first year. They encountered Sirius Black when they thought he was after Harry, even though he was after his rat, Scabbers, who turned out to be Peter Pettigrew. In their fourth year Ron fell out with Harry because he was jealous of all the attention he received.In his fifth year Ron was part of Dumbledore's Army and helped Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and Luna fight the Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries because Harry thought Voldemort had Sirius captive there. In his sixth year at Hogwarts Ron played Quidditch for Gryffindor as a keeper. even though he had terrible nerves. Harry thought would need to overcome these nerves, so he pretended to slip some Felix Felicis (also known as Liquid Luck) into his morning drink. Ron believed Harry had actually put some into it, and he managed to save all the shots in the upcoming match. At the end of the match Lavender Brown, who had a crush on him, kissed him. Hermione was really jealous and sent angry birds to attack Ron when he came in a classroom with Lavender where she was crying. However, Ron wasn't in love with Lavender. So he ended this relationship quickly. In the seventh book Ron went with Harry and Hermione to help Harry look for Voldemort's Horcruxes. Ron having been influence by a horcrux became very angy. So he left the campsite after having an argument with Harry, but he tried to return only to find that Harry and Hermione had already moved their camp. Ron and Hermione finally share a kiss after destroying a horcux. He marries Hermione and they have two children - Rose and Hugo. Rose was just starting her first year at the end of the series.

Ron´s older brother Fred died in battle in Hogwarts. Then Ron helped George with their shop and he became an Auror.